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Spotlight on our Biostatistic experts
and strategic consulting team

SCOPE International AG is pleased to announce the appointment of Björn Boße as new head of biostatistics. Together with Dr. Klaus Junge as Senior Biostatisticial Advisor SCOPE International offers an exceptional expertise in biostatistics. Björn and Klaus have both more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as e.g. Director Biostatistics and Executive Director European Biostatistics, respectively. Due to their outstanding expert knowledge in many indications, they will contribute to expanding several business areas of SCOPE.

Having spent 24 years in leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry, I am excited to bring my skills and experiene in the fields of biostatistics and data management to SCOPE International. As new head of the Biostatistics team, I will work to ensure that SCOPE continues to deliver high quality biostatistics services.

– said Björn Bosse

In his position at SCOPE International, Björn will lead an experienced team of 11 statisticians and statistical programmers. Due to his long-standing know-how in statistics and data management, Björn will offer profound strategic consulting of studies. Therefore, he and his team will provide customers with an excellent guidance and support in new and ongoing projects. Björn has a strong background in all statistic methods that are needed for planning, analyzing and reporting of clinical studies. Working for over 20 years in a pharma company, he was involved in statistical planning and analyses of phase I to phase IV studies. Through his positions as head of data management, as director data management & statistic and as director biostatistics, he has a strong background in leading positions and will therefore contribute to the further development of the biostatistics team. He is familiar with regulatory support, attended countless meeting with authorities around the globe, such as FDA and EMA. Björn will therefore provide our customers with an even more profound statistic support of clinical studies.

Dr. Klaus Junge looks back on a career of more than thirty years technical experience and leadership in biostatistics supporting research and development activities in the pharmaceutical industry. Working in various therapeutic areas as biostatistician, Klaus has key experiences within Oncology, Cardio-Vascular-Diseases, Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases and Medical Devices. In his position at SCOPE, he is responsible for the biostatistical support and consulting, e.g. project planning, peer reviews, regulatory support and DSMB membership. As an industry-wide renowned expert, he will bring in his expertise to assist customers in their strategic decisions within study and project planning.


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