Believing in people –
Employees are key to SCOPE’s success


The organization of international clinical trials requires the development of complex cross-cultural teams across borders, languages and time-zones. At SCOPE International we recognize that recruitment, training and retention of talented employees is fundamental to building high performing teams.

Our success is built upon encouraging talented people to join SCOPE and further training them continuously and systematically to develop their skills and achieve their full potential. We actively seek out recruits who exhibit our key values of customer orientation, entrepreneurial thinking, conscientiousness and reliability.

As a socially responsible company, we offer an attractive working environment with an open and flexible employment philosophy, thereby providing working environments conducive to an international setting, coupled with excellent career development prospects and a management culture that is based on an open dialogue.


SCOPE International is an independent Full-Service Contract Research Organization (CRO) with a network of 14 local offices and business entities throughout Europe. SCOPE offers a complete range of clinical development and consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, and is supported by long established partnerships in other geographies. Our experience and expertise in managing all major indications in clinical phases I – IV makes us the perfect partner for companies looking to work closely together to develop custom solutions and seeking guidance through all development phases.

For our Head office in Germany we are looking for a professionally experienced and enthusiastic personality:

We currently have no vacancies.

For more information about SCOPE or if you are interested in becoming a part of our team:

“The success of our corporate culture is reflected in low employee turnover and high functioning teams.”


Early in our relationship, we identify the aptitudes of new hires and build on these to further develop personal strengths and optimal performance, which is achieved through training, coaching and continuous professional development in their chosen discipline.

Personnel development has a high priority at SCOPE and serves to identify and promote employees who have the relevant skills, potential and understanding of the business to assume greater responsibility; so promotion is often from within the company. Targeted succession planning forms a key factor in retaining highly qualified employees and maintaining stability of the company; whilst offering individual employees the chance to develop their skills and achieve their ambitions. Coupled to this is an industry-competitive remuneration scheme with performance related pay and flexible working policies; empowering colleagues to achieve an effective work–life balance and encouraging goal oriented behaviors.

Our staff are kept up to date with company developments via regular updates and meetings. Overall, the success of our corporate culture is reflected in low employee turnover and high functioning teams throughout the company; clearly different from our competitors, ensuring the high quality of our service delivery.

Expertise is key to SCOPE’s continued success. Extensive in-house training programs are provided for our employees and outside CROs, investigators and pharmaceutical/biotech industry professionals. These cover the whole clinical research spectrum – always up-to-date according to current global and local regulations and in line with SCOPE´s standard operating procedures.