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Great North Conference 2023

Throwback to the Great North Research Conference, 2023!

“The NHS is the largest healthcare system in the world; there’s no reason why the UK can’t become
the same in R&D” — James O’Shaughnessy at the #GNRC2023.

Last November, our Senior Clinical Research Associate, Lindsay Murray, and our Clinical Research Associate, Millie Adamson, attended the Great North Research Conference at the Concorde Conference Center. There they had the opportunity to listen to Lord O’Shaughnessy’s presentation.

At the UK office and around the globe, we’re committed to implementing his ideas, enhancing our clinical research, and embracing the significance of mobile and decentralized infrastructure. As a #CRO, we understand the vital role it plays in efficiently identifying, communicating with, and retaining patients in clinical trials.

Looking forward to implementing these insights in our upcoming projects and to seeing continued R&D progress in the UK!


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